Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ask Toto #31

Dear Toto,

Favorite sleeping position?

-- from the internet

Oooooooooh, you have just hit upon a secret thing that’s AWESOME about dogs!  We can sleep in weird and wonderful ways.  Check it out:

It’s awesome to have a compact body, with an extra extra bendy spine, and a waggly tail.

Normally, my #1 absolute favorite sleeping position is smack next to Dorothy.  I like to curl up next to her tummy, so she has easy access to pet me, but she complains that I have bad breath and we need to brush my teeth tomorrow, and then I growl at the thought and then she says “don’t you growl at me!” and then I wag my tail and say I’m sorry and all is mostly forgiven, as soon as I move down to sleep at her feet.

BUT!  That’s at night.  During the day, when it’s just me, my favorite position is sleeping on my back.  My friend Hops will demonstrate:

OH!  It’s SOOOOOOOO comfy!  You guys just don’t know.  You have no idea!  It’s soooooooooo comfy.  Sure, you humans can sleep on your back.  But to sleep on your back with your back legs dangling in the air?  Heaven!  Heaven I tell you! 

Thanks for the question!

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