Monday, February 13, 2012

Ask Toto A Question #22

This one comes from the Twitter wide question net that awesome Patty Jean Robinson occasionally casts:

Dear Toto:

"Do you feel marginalized by being forced to ride in a basket?"

Heck no! Have you guys ever ridden in a basket before? okay, okay, you all are human, so the human equivalent is riding doubles on a bicycle. Sidecar optional (though very old fashioned.)

The wind in your ears! Your tongue to the side! Someone else at the wheel! (Dorothy drives a bike like a madwoman, and I love her for it.) It’s almost like flying! But a CONTROLLED flying, not crazy like a certain twister.

Look, I know I’m a dog. I know my options in terms of transportation are limited. It’s either:

#1 My paws.

#2 Ozma’s Magic Picture (she checks it to see Dorothy at 3pm every day, but she checks it at 2:57pm every day to check on me FIRST.)

#3 Someone’s vehicle (Uncle Henry’s wagon, Aunt Em’s jalopy, Dorothy’s bike)

I don’t like to hit the Ozma option unless I absolutely need it, like to go to another state or something (which we’ve done occasionally on Adventure Fridays, which you can read about on my Twitter feed every Friday!)

And practically speaking, my paws don’t go nearly as fast as Dorothy’s bike. Plus the paws get dirty and dusty and they hurt after, like, the first mile or so.

Plus I’m not the one doing the pedaling. I’m just chilling in the basket. Wind in my ears! Tongue out to the side! It’s heaven for a dog!

Now riding in the basket of Dorothy’s bike doesn’t sound so bad anymore, right?

Thanks for the question, person in the Twitter universe!

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