Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ask Toto #30

Dear Toto,

Water can get pretty boring after awhile.  Any other favorite beverages?

 -- from the internet

Ah yes.  Water day in, day out.  When the temperatures get to soaring here at the farm, sometimes water just isn’t gonna cut it. 

Dorothy puts ice cubes in my water bowl, and that’s nice.  But wouldn’t a lovely slice of lemon, lime, cucumber, a sprig of mint, perhaps, wouldn’t that be just PERFECT!?  So divine, so elegant, so let’s take our parasols and sit on the veranda and eat little  sandwiches with the crusts cut off…


I don’t go for that frou frou stuff. 

Sometimes, in the dead of winter, Uncle Henry will give me a nip of whiskey, and that’s AWESOME.  But he’s the only one that does it, and I know better than to ask for more.

So water it is.  I like it, it likes me, and BONUS!  No calories.

Thanks for the question!

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