Monday, July 27, 2009

We’re alive!

We made it through Opening Weekend and all the madness it entailed!

All told, the first week was the roughest on the cast, as they had a dress rehearsal and two preview nights before Opening Night. Never again will they have to do the show that many days in a row (6), and the fact that we were not only still standing by the end, but still had plenty of energy to spare was amazing. I have the most amazing cast in the world, I really do.

We had plenty of people coming to cheer us on the first weekend, and the response has been very gratifying to hear.

And we’re getting plenty of fans, young and old. Some of them even dress up, like this awesome family here. When you show up dressed as Dorothy and carrying Wizard Of Oz themed Beanie Babies, you can bet we’re gonna grab a picture of you, because it’s just too cute for words.

Also too cute for words are the cupcakes we’re selling at the concession counter. Toto head cupcakes. All sorts of yummers, and only $2.00. Considering that Sprinkles cupcakes go for more than that, you can be sure you’re getting a delicious bargain.

Come and see us! We’re running for eight more weeks!

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