Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Opening Night!

So it all comes down to this:

From our beginning table read on June 13th to now. Six weeks of rehearsing, blocking, reblocking, dialogue learning, puzzling over the inner life of Munchkins, learning the proper way to cut and curl long strips of silk.

From dialogue tweaking to Sparkly Shoe spraying to reblocking again because we got the set up, to the delicate art of puppet making (the Rabbit has eyes now! Wheeeeeeee!)

From new director searches, to replacing actors, to rehearsing fights to costume changes to what does a flock of flying monkeys sound like, to a last minute frenzy of baking Opening Night Goodies that kept me up until early this morning.

It's all for this - our Opening Night.

I am absolutely nothing without my awesome cast and crew. And we are nothing without an audience.

Come down to check us out! We're running for nine weeks! Details on the right hand side!

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