Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ask Toto A Question #15

Another one from our Twitter fans! This time from @briendownie

@totothedog - when I watch the Wiz of Oz, everything goes to color in Oz, except you! you're still black! what color are you on the inside?

further question for you @totothedog... did you even notice everything went color in Oz, seeing as dogs are color-blind? am I confusing you?

Hi @briendownie!

Well, the short answer to your question is that I don’t know what color I am on the inside, as I’ve never pulled myself inside out to look. It would hurt, methinks.

I hear I might be red or pinkish on the inside.

As to your further question – allow me to clear up a popular misconception: dogs are not really color blind. Take it away – Wikianswer Man!

Dogs are not color blind - they see color, but their chromatic acuity is significantly less than humans'. This is for two reasons: (1) dogs have far fewer cone cells in their retina (cone cells are responsible for seeing color); and (2) dogs are dichromatic (they see only two primary colors - blue and yellow) whereas humans are trichromatic, meaning we see three primary colors - red, blue, and green.

Humans have 7 times higher proportion of cone cells than dogs, meaning that when dogs do see colors, they are pale or faded. However dogs have a much higher concentration of rod cells, responsible for seeing black-and-white, and also much more sensitive in lower light conditions. For that reason, dogs have much better night vision than people.

So there you go! Yeah, I noticed Oz was colorful when we landed. I can see Dorothy’s dress, and I can see Munchkinland, but I don’t see what the big deal is about Emerald City – it looks pretty bland to me.

And the most important thing? When in the dark, be next to a dog! Obviously.

Thanks for the question!

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