Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ask Toto A Question # 11

So, Toto, what were you doing when Dorothy passed out on the bed while you were in the twister?

Tish Dragonette Hargens

Hi Tish!

Excellent question! First, let’s consider the context – Here we are, running across the house, trying to follow Aunt Em to the cellar. Can I just point out that Aunt Em went down to the cellar FIRST!? Did she herd us down there in front of her? Did she try to make sure we were okay? Nope, she went down first. What can we learn from this? Aunt Em is not someone you want to have seated next to you on a crashing airplane. Aunt Em is out for herself and nobody else. Heh.

Secondly, Dorothy did not “pass out” or “get hit on the head from a flimsy window frame” as a certain movie would have you believe. The house was rocking from the winds very gently, so it basically rocked Dorothy to sleep, much like a cruise ship trying to outrun a hurricane in the Caribbean, ho ho ho.

But I couldn’t sleep. Nope, not me. HELLO! FLYING HOUSE ANYONE!? Who could sleep at a time like that, right?

There wasn’t anything I could do to stop the house from rocking and rolling, and I was too wired to sleep, so I did what any normal dog would do, and I practiced my salsa steps. (Nobody likes to salsa dance in Kansas.) I wanna be as good as these guys, see?

I think I could at least take Rilley, on, see?

Thanks for the question!

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Patty Jean said...

Toto, I think I'm in love with you.