Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ask Toto #58

Dear Toto,

Please help me understand my dog. He wants to play fetch. I want to play fetch with him.He knows how it works. He brings me the ball, and I throw it to him, and he returns it. That's what fetch is, and he knows that.

So why is it, when my dog brings me the ball, HE WONT' GIVE IT TO ME TO THROW FOR HIM? Why do I have to wrestle it out of his mouth? This makes no sense to me at all. If my dog wants me to throw the ball for him, HE HAS TO LET GO OF THE BALL.

Is there some trick to getting him to understand?

- Puzzled, but wanting to play with my pup.

Hi Puzzled!

Ahhhh, see, you're not thinking of the short game. Yes, it's true, Fetch is the long game. But before Fetch comes the short game, and the short game is Tug O' War.

Tug O' War is FUN! It's awesome! C'mon, c'mon, can you REALLY rip this rope from my really strong jaws? Just try to get that rope out of my mouth, especially when I pull my super secret move, the Side Head Shake A Lot. It takes a LOT to get that rope out of my mouth. It's totally fun!

And then when you do get it away from me, THEN we play fetch. Double the games, double the fun. And it's a LOT a fun.

So don't throw a wet blanket on the fun. Just join in. 'Cause it's about the long game AND the short.

Thanks for the question!
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