Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ask Toto #45

Dear Toto,

 what do you think about the recent spate of TV series in development based on Wizard of Oz?

- future development executive

- Hi Future Development Executive!

I have to say, Dorothy and I get quite the giggle when we read things like this fantasy-action sci-fi series over at SyFy

First things first, these things are in development, and it really could go either way whether they actually get produced or not. So we could be giggling for nothing.

But then again, anything that gives us giggles has to be a good thing, right?

Secondly, I think it's kinda silly.  I mean, strip away the Wizard Of Oz elements from both of those ideas and what do you have?

A standard sci fi idea about a person from earth sent into post apocalyptic world who meets three people and they go on adventures.  That sorta sounds like Star Wars, doesn't it?

Or a standard hospital procedure about a female doctor working in a hospital.

I'm just a dog, so my brain doesn't work like humans, but it kinda smells like these people were trying to jazz up their original ideas, and squashed Wizard Of Oz elements onto them to try and take advantage of the success of OZ, Great And Powerful at the box office, and DIsney's current obsession with live actioning every animated feature and ride at Disney World that they can.

I guess we'll know for sure if the projects ever air on TV.

thanks for the question!

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