Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ask Toto #33

Dear Toto,

What else was in Dorothy’s basket?

 -- Marc from Orlando

Hi Marc! 

Very very technically, when Dorothy and I went on the original adventure in The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, she put bread and covered it with cloth in the basket for snacks on the yellow brick road (it’s in Chapter 3 – “How Dorothy Saved The Scarecrow”)

These days, Dorothy carries anything and everything in there.  A hairbrush, a change purse, some energy bars, some hair elastics for her pigtails when she wears them. The one thing she doesn’t carry in there are dog treats for me, probably because she knows I’d gobble them down in a heartbeat.  The dog treats stay in her pocket, I and the basket stay on the front of the bike, and everyone is happy.  Well, okay, I’d be happier with a belly full of dog treats, but still.

Thanks for the question!

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