Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ask Toto #28

Dear Toto,

Don't you get hot in the summertime?  How do you stay cool?

-- from the internet

Oh yep yep.  I HATE hot weather.  You think you humans have it bad, you don't have to walk around with the equivalent of a fur coat THAT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE OFF!

Lucky for me, my breed has short wiry fur, unlike my poor cocker spaniel or golden retriever friends.  So it could, like, TOTALLY be worse.

There's a couple of tips.  I do all my running around the barn around 6am or so, before it gets really really hot (which also explains why I sleep most of the day).  I stick to shady spots.  Dorothy puts ice cubes in my water bowl.  And then when the sun comes down, I run around the farm a couple more times.  

It's not that I'm a vampire, because I like the sun.  I just don't like it much over mid 70s.  It's uncomfy, no?

thanks for the question!

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