Monday, January 2, 2012

Ask Toto A Question #20

Dear Toto, what kind of treats do you like?

- @angelwhip (Trina Mock)

Hi Trina!

Boy oh boy oh boy are you going to buy some treats for me!? I LURVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!

This is a very important question, especially since you gotta be careful out there in the Dog Treats department, especially since some of those chicken jerky treats from China are very very bad news indeed.

Which is why my favorite treats are the kind that people eat. If it’s good enough for you guys, it’s TOTALLY good enough for me. Unless it’s chocolate, because we all know that chocolate is a big huge no no for dogs.

Aunt Em likes to think carrots are a good dog treat. She is wrong. Carrots are a veggie, a side dish, an important source of nutrients, an obligatory food. Sure, I’ll eat them, but let’s be real, carrots are NOT a treat.

Here are some of my FAVORITE TREATS:

BACON BACON BACON!!!! Bac-Os do not count as bacon.

APPLES!!!! Ryan Gosling knows this.

And lastly, CHEETOS! (the puffy kind, please)

I can’t to see you on the farm, Trina, arms loaded with these goodies! I will even share with you, as long as you understand that “two for me, one for you, three for me, one for you,” counts as sharing.

Thanks for the question!

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