Sunday, June 21, 2009


We finally found our second Munchkin, and she’s a girl! That’s right, it’s a two women Munchkin scenario. Sometimes, you have to think outside the box.

So here is our official cast for Say Goodbye Toto:

Toto - Joseph Porter
Dorothy - Renee Scott
Scarecrow - Mike Fallon
Tin Man - Grant Mahnken
Lion - Andres Ramacho
Cat - Tracy Eliott
Witch - Margaret McCarley
Wizard - Jake Elsas
Munchkins - Anna Quirino Miranda and Jordana Oberman

I’m very excited that the cast is locked and rehearsals have begun. Here’s Joe as Toto, taking his research seriously as he observes Renee’s dog Dilly, who was at a rehearsal last week. It’s not just throwing Dilly’s toy for her to play fetch, it’s watching how she runs, how her legs work, how her ears flop, how her head moves all over when you’re shaking the toy in your hand.

The first order of business on the production expense side was getting kneepads for Joe, since he’ll be spending roughly half of his time on his knees. Which sounds far worse than it’s meant to be, heh.

But at last we’re up and running. Or is it up and trotting? Moving forward! That’s what we’re doing, ha ha ha.