Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ask Toto #42

Dear Toto,

Why do dogs bury their bones?

Backyard is dirty in Ohio

Hi Backyard!

So, yes this seems weird at first.  A large succulent bone, and what do we do, we bury it in a hole and paw dirt back over it.  Why would you do that to that delectable bone, right?

Dogs bury bones because it's ingrained in our DNA.  Back when we were pack dogs running wild and human were still Cro-Magnons, and dinosaurs were running around (okay, maybe not THAT far back), 

dogs were never sure where their next meal would be coming from.  So in order to protect the food we had currently, we'd pick a spot and then bury it.  We’d always be able to find it because we’ve got Super Sniffer Noses and a keen sense of direction.

And yes, when we dig up the bone, it’s got dirt on it.  But you know, dirt is highly underrated as a seasoning.  Dogs don’t mind dirt. We get it on our paws all the time you know.

So yes, it may seem weird, but then again consider what humans do with the stuff they consider valuable?

Money - put it in a bank. A separate institution run by people they don't know

Jewelry - put it in a vault and only bring it out on special occasions.

People – put them in a house with a security system that their pets sometimes set off (we’re SORRY!  Honest!)

So really, we’re all kinda weird about the stuff we like, no?

Thanks for the question!

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