Monday, December 5, 2011

Ask Toto A Question #19

Dear Toto:

What's your favorite way to shower your owner with love? I like to sit on her computer while she looks at the internet, whatever that is. She always seems to get really excited when I sit on her hands, it's my favorite.

Thanks! Bugaboo.

I hear ya, Bugaboo. There’s definitely a side of me that worries if I don’t shower Dorothy with love, she will instantly forget that I love her. So I must keep reminding her 24/7 that she loves me because I love her. And these are my tried-and-true techniques:

I like to sit on her tummy when she’s sleeping and gaze adoringly at her face, including breathing my kibble breath right in her nose. She LOVES that.

I also like to run around in circles in between her feet when she’s working in the kitchen. You know, just to make sure she knows I’m there.

I love slobbering all OVER her face. I mean, my tongue is pretty awesome, I can’t keep it inside my mouth. Nobody would appreciate it that way. It’s gotta get out and be freeeeeee!

And I, too, like to sit on her keyboard when she’s on the computer. It’s really because I’m trying to understand this facebook thing. I know what a face is, I know what a book is, but a facebook? I thought it was a new kind of human that had a book for a head, but apparently, it’s something on the computer, and Dorothy spends HOURS typing on the keyboard for it.

Because she loves me, Dorothy set me up with my own Twitter account -!/totothedog , and that’s pretty awesome. An because I love her, I paw at her fingers dancing across the keyboard, to remind her when it’s time to give me a tummyrub.

Oh, hey, Bugaboo, I didn’t see that you had enclosed a picture. Well, let’s just look at it, hmmm?

It’s…. you…. you’re… A CAT!?

YOU’RE A CAT!?!?!?


I mean, thanks for the question. Just… GET OFF THAT KEYBOARD AND LEAVE YOUR POOR OWNER ALONE!!!

But seriously, thanks for the question!

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